Whether you’re casting a vote or interested in running for a position, Columbia Association (CA) wants to make sure you have the information you need to get involved in your village board and CA Board elections.

Board basics

Each village has a representative on the CA Board of Directors that is voted in by Columbia homeowners, renters and property owners. Seven of the 10 seats on CA’s Board of Directors are up for election this April. Those include:

  • Dorsey’s Search (two-year term)
  • Hickory Ridge (one-year term)
  • Oakland Mills (one-year term)
  • Kings Contrivance (two-year term)
  • Long Reach (two-year term)
  • River Hill (two-year term)
  • Wilde Lake (one-year term)

Rules vary by village

The election processes are governed and run by each individual village. This means the specific rules, like who can vote and who can serve as a representative, varies village by village.

If you live in one of the ten villages, chances are you can participate in an election. Click here to learn more about being a candidate or casting a ballot in your village elections.

It’s also likely you can vote if you own or operate a business in one of the ten villages. Contact your village directly to determine your eligibility. Not sure what village your business is located in? Contact CA’s Customer Care team at 410-730-1801, and they’ll put you in touch with your village association.

Unique timing

Village elections take place every year near the end of April. That’s primarily because CA’s fiscal year runs from May 1 through April 30. Board members’ terms coincide with the budget cycle.

Why vote?

While CA plays no role in the election process, the organization encourages civic engagement at all levels. We believe that our community is stronger when everyone feels heard and represented, and voting is a way to have your values reflected in the strategic direction of CA.

Find Your Village

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NOTE: CA’s “Find Your Village” tool is provided as a guide only, and users of this feature are strongly encouraged to contact their village association to confirm voting eligibility.

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