Current Members

Eric Greenberg
CA Board Member for the Village of River Hill

Andrew Stack

Andy Stack
CA Board Member for the Village of Owen Brown

Executive Team Dennis Mattey

Dennis Mattey
Interim President/CEO, Columbia Association

Karin Emery
CA Board Member for the Village of Oakland Mills

Keith O’Neil
CA Board Member for the Village of Kings Contrivance


The Board Operations Committee (BOC) is responsible for the effective functioning of the CA Board of Directors and for the maintenance and development of the Board-President/CEO working relationship. The Chair of the Board serves as the BOC Chair. The other members of the BOC are the President/CEO, the Vice-Chair of the Board, and two other Board members who will rotate throughout the year.

Meetings / Sessions

Meeting Title Date Agenda Additional Links
Board Operations Committee – May 22, 2023 05/22/2023 7:00pm
Board Operations Committee – February 27, 2023 02/27/2023 7:00pm
Board Operations Committee – November 28, 2022 11/28/2022 7:00pm
Board Operations Committee – August 28, 2022 08/29/2022 7:00pm