Village elections for 2023 have concluded.

Check back for 2024 election information!


[Updated 3/24] The nomination period is now closed! See the Vote section for a list of candidates.


  • Village board: 2
  • CA board: 1

Save the date:

  • Wednesday, March 1: Nomination petitions are available at Stonehouse.
  • Tuesday, March 21: Nomination petitions are due by noon.
  • Tuesday, April 4: Virtual candidates night held on Zoom.


[Updated 4/25] All candidates with asteriks next to their names are elected in 2023.


  • Long Reach village board (2 openings)
    • Saura C. Sahu (210 votes)
    • Dr. Lillian Norris-Holmes (339 votes)*
    • Nina Basu (367 votes)*
  • CA Board of Directors (1 opening)
    • Reginald T. Avery (258 votes)*
    • Rick McCray (226 votes)

Who can vote:

  • Owners and renters in compliance with Long Reach covenants.
  • One vote per household. Tenants must have a copy of their current lease on file at Stonehouse.
  • Everyone who is voting in person must bring valid identification.

How to vote:

  • You can vote online, in person or via absentee ballot.
  • You may vote by absentee ballot either by returning your mailed ballot or requesting a ballot by mail or in person from Stonehouse.

Save the date:

  • Friday, April 21: Online voting closes at 4pm. Absentee ballots are also due at Stonehouse by 4pm (or by a member of the Election Committee no later than midnight).
  • Saturday, April 22: In-person voting is open at Stonehouse from 9:30am-1:30pm.

Have a question about how to run or vote?

Contact Long Reach Village Manager Tina Addo at or 410-730-8113.

For more information, visit the Long Reach Community Association website.

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