CA’s advisory committees provide feedback, guidance and recommendations to staff and the Board of Directors in a variety of areas. Ideas from these volunteer committees are taken into consideration and lead to real improvements throughout the organization and the community. Put your experience, your interests and your passions toward positive change.

Why should I join an advisory committee? 

We can think of a few reasons 😁:

  • Being part of an advisory committee provides an opportunity to connect with your neighbors who have similar interests, passions and goals for our community. 
  • These committees are a great way to provide valuable feedback directly to the CA team and the organization’s Board of Directors.
  • Advisory committee members often get unique insight into the programs, facilities and activities that CA offers to fulfill our mission of enhancing the quality of life across Columbia.
  • Diversity of voices matters, and as a member of an advisory committee, you get to add your perspective to important discussions.
  • If you’re curious about increasing your involvement or civic engagement in our community, this is a great space to start.
  • We hope your involvement will inspire you to be a positive ambassador for Columbia and CA, and we’re stronger together!

What do I need to do to join an advisory committee?

Most of CA’s advisory committees do not have any requirements to join outside of a willingness to commit the time needed to be an active member. There are age-specific groups (i.e. – teens, young adults, seniors) or others that require a certain level of expertise or experience in relevant fields (i.e. – climate change, watershed). 

Each committee meets at different days/times and at different frequencies. Click on the committee names above for details on when and how often each group meets.

How do I get involved?

Each advisory committee has its own process for becoming a member. You can check the pages linked above for more information.

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