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Explanations of each status are listed below the table.

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Outdoor Pools

Indoor Pools

Status Explanation

  • Rec Swim = Open for Rec Swim during normal operating hours
  • Adult Laps = 16+ Laps Only. No Rec Swim or Wading Pool Available
  • Aqua Fit = Aqua Fit class underway, reservation required
  • Closed (Off-Hours) = Expected closure according to normal operating hours
  • Closed (Inclement Weather) = Pool is closed for inclement weather*
  • Closed (Maintenance) = Pool is closed for planned maintenance
  • Closed (Unplanned) = Pool is closed due to an unexpected circumstance
  • CNSL = Columbia Neighborhood Swim League practice or meet only. No wading pool during practice
  • Lessons = Swim lessons and wading pool only
  • Wibits = Wibit™ Wednesdays