Columbia is made up of 10 villages. Each village has its own community association that elects a board of directors, as well as a representative to the CA Board of Directors.

Here’s a look at what the villages do for their residents:

  • Enforce covenants
  • Advocate for residents at the village, Columbia and county level
  • Host individual village events and partner with all villages for special events
  • Offer programming, including camps, classes and lectures
  • Manage community and neighborhood centers
  • Communicate with residents via newsletters, websites and social media

So, why is it important to know your village? First, you have to know what village you’re in in order to vote! Second, a portion of your annual charge money is given to your village association, which is used to foster the growth of your community in various ways.

Role of Village Boards

Each village in Columbia has its own board to advocate for its residents and build a sense of community. Typically, each village board meets on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

Key responsibilities:

  • Sets policies and directives to improve the quality of life in the community
  • Upholds village covenants
  • Oversees the village budget
  • Advocates for members of the community
  • Advise and take action on street and house maintenance issues

You can learn about your village board by visiting your village’s website and/or contacting your village manager.

Find Your Village

Use the search form below to determine which village you live in.
TIP: Please enter ONLY your house number and street name for best results. Your search could take a few moments – patience is a virtue!
NOTE: CA’s “Find Your Village” tool is provided as a guide only, and users of this feature are strongly encouraged to contact their village association to confirm voting eligibility.

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