[Updated 3/6/24] This year’s Oakland Mills election is uncontested, so there will not be an election. Visit the Oakland Mills website or contact the village manager for additional information.


[Updated 3/6/24] The nomination period is now closed.


  • Village board: 7
  • CA board: 1

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[Updated 3/6/24] 


  • Village board (7 openings)
    • Warren Wortman
    • Bill McCormack Jr
    • Andrew Mark Fried
    • Paulette Pettiford
    • Jonathan Edelson
  • CA Board of Directors (1 opening)
    • Karin Emery

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Have a question about how to run or vote?

Contact Oakland Mills Village Manager Brigitta Warren at 410-730-4610 or manager@oaklandmills.org.

For more information, visit the Oakland Mills Community Association (OMCA) website.

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