CA offers several types of memberships, with plans available for individuals, couples, and families. Pricing will vary depending on the type of membership you choose, as well as your residency status (CA resident, non-resident, or corporate customers).

Below, you’ll find the monthly pricing for each type of CA membership, including new member and renewal rates. Prices are subject to change.

Get More with a CA Membership

We have a variety of memberships to fit active lifestyles. So whether you want to hit the gyms, the links, the pools, or take the whole family for a day of fun at our various facilities, you’ll always have the opportunity to do more with CA. Use the form below to get in touch with us and a member advocate will contact you with more information.

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New Member Pricing

If you’re joining CA as a new member, you can find your monthly rate below. Prices vary depending on your chosen membership type, residency status, and the number of people on your membership.

Individual Two Member Family
CA Resident Non-Resident CA Resident Non-Resident CA 


Play $30 $61 $37 $74 $43 $79
1Fit*** $66 $89 $83 $126 $91 $162
CA Fit&Play* $95 $113 $118 $166 $132 $199
Golf Fit&Play** $369 $481 $459 $593 $459 $593
5Day Golf&Play $250 $300 $379 $434 N/A N/A
7Day Golf $352 $418 $444 $546 N/A N/A

*KidSpace can be added for $15 per month

**KidSpace included

***KidSpace can be added for $25 per month

Low Income Qualified Memberships

As a community organization, CA offers membership options for everybody in the Columbia area – no matter your age or income. Our income-qualified memberships offer reduced rates to residents who live or work full-time on property protected by the CA covenants and have an annual income under federally-established limits (you can find those below). 

Interested? You’ll need to fill out an application (available in English or Spanish) and include a computer-generated tax return transcript of your current year’s tax return, Section 8 or BRHP Housing Verification from HUD, or SSI-Supplemental Security Income (Individual memberships only). Then, you’ll need to have an original document (not a copy) of one of the following: 

  • Non-expired driver’s license
  • Bank statement
  • Current BGE bill
  • Deed to your house
  • Current lease from a property management company (cannot be person to person)

To order your tax return transcript from IRS Online, visit the IRS website and choose to get your transcript online, by mail, or by calling 800-908-9946. Please note that the only IRS transcript that we accept is the Tax Return Transcript.

Once you’ve gathered those documents, you can drop them off with CA’s Customer Care Team at 6310 Hillside Court, Suite 100, Columbia, or email them to


For 50% discount on all memberships, Columbia Neighborhood Swim League*, and group swim lessons*


For 50% discounts on Before and After School Care

1 $66,300 1 N/A
2 $75,750 2 $75,750
3 $85,200 3 $85,200
4 $94,650 4 $94,650
5 $102,250 5 $102,250
6 $109,800 6 $109,800
7 $117,400 7 $117,400
8 $124,950 8 $124,950

*You must have an income-qualified membership with CA to receive income-qualified discounts on swim lessons and Columbia Neighborhood Swim League.

Renewal Rates

If you’re a current CA member and you’ve completed an annual contract, you’ll be entitled to a lower renewal rate. Find your monthly renewal rate below.

Individual Two Member Family
CA Resident Corporate Non-Resident CA Resident Corporate Non-Resident CA 


Corporate Non-Resident
1Fit $64 $64 $81 $81 $100 $126 $85 $124 $143
Play $25 $25 $55 $31 $39 $69 $37 $45 $71
CA Fit&Play $82 $82 $102 $109 $144 $164 $114 $166 $186
Golf Fit&Play $336 $336 $433 $409 $438 $535 $409 $438 $535
5Day Golf&Play $225 $225 $255 $351 $357 $387 $351 $357 $387
7Day Golf $294 $294 $383 $363 $403 $492 $363 $403 $492

CA Points

The CA Points program helps children from lower-income households qualify for CA membership. Here’s how it works.

Participating HCPSS schools in Columbia identify and invite kids and teens (grades 3 through 12) who meet specific income qualifications, such as Free and Reduced Meals (FARMs), to participate in the CA Points program.

After your child is invited and enrolls in the program, they’ll earn points by doing things like scoring well on assignments, improving their grades, and maintaining good attendance. The better they do in school, the closer they get to a one-year CA membership.