Session 5 Registration opens March 20th
Classes begin April 16th

Note: Mid-weekday lessons will be offered at a variety of times/durations outside our usual 6 week session model.

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Little & Me (6 months-5 years)

Parent/caregiver participation required. This class is about water discovery, fun, safety and the basics of swimming, including relaxing on the belly and back and getting the head and face wet. Songs and games will be used to engage in kicking, splashing and blowing bubbles. Children of all ages are welcome if you think this would be the best fit for your child as an introduction to water with the comfort of a caregiver in the water.

Intro to Swim (Ages 3-8)

Formerly Bronze & Silver

For children age 3-8 who cannot swim without assistance. Students will work towards swimming independently including floating, kicking, good breathing techniques, swim bobs and jumping into deep water unassisted. Lessons are 25 minutes.

Stroke Development 1 (Ages 4-12)

Formerly Silver

For children who can swim a minimum 6 feet unassisted. Students will work on freestyle and elementary backstroke with an emphasis on streamline, proper flutter kick and good breathing techniques. If your child is not able to swim independently off the wall please enroll them in our Intro to Swim class. Lessons are 25 minutes.

Stroke Development 2 (Ages 4-12)

Formerly Gold

For children who are comfortable underwater and can swim a minimum 20 feet unassisted (past the flags). Students will review freestyle and backstroke, and begin to learn breaststroke with an emphasis on excellent side breathing and proper backstroke arms. If your child is not able to swim past the flags please look at placement in SD1. Lessons are 25 minutes.

Stroke Development 3 (Ages 5-12)

Formerly Diamond

For children who can swim 25 yards in Strong fashion (a full length of the pool) unassisted. Students will work on breaststroke with a review of freestyle and backstroke form as well as introductory diving practice. Students that cannot swim full laps with side breathing should look at SD2. Lessons are 25 minutes.

Stroke Development 4 (Ages 6-12)

Formerly Platinum 

For children age 6-12 who can swim unassisted 50s, down and back the entire pool length without stops. Students will work on butterfly, flip turns and diving in addition to reviewing all strokes for good technique and proper stroke related finishes. Students that cannot swim breaststroke already should look at SD3. Lessons are 25 minutes.

Swim Team Prep (Ages 7-15)

Lessons are 60minutes and will consist of full lap drills. For swimmers who can swim 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke proficiently as well as have a basic understanding of butterfly or breaststroke. Students will focus on improving technique, speed and endurance, as well as racing dives, flip turns and open turns. This class will be run like a swim league practice with out of water instruction/coaching from the pool deck. Participation is not a guarantee that a swimmer will be eligible to join a year-round competitive swim team.

Adult and Teen (Ages 13+)

Adult and Teen Beginner

Lessons will be tailored to the participants of each class with an emphasis of assessment/improvement and a focus on building confidence in the water, learning safety skills, swimming a coordinated stroke, and improving stroke technique and efficiency. Lessons are 25 minutes. Classes are split between adults and teens.

Adult and Teen Stroke Development

This class is for swimmers who are comfortable in water and know how to swim to some degree but are not confident in their skills or want to learn more advanced strokes. Swimmers should be able to swim unassisted. Lessons will be tailored to the participants of each class with an emphasis on improving stroke technique and efficiency. Classes are split between adults and teens.

Junior Guard and Lifeguard Prep

Junior Guard Prep

The Junior Guard program is an opportunity for children 12-15 to learn skills, techniques and practices of actual lifeguards. Through games and drills, we will demonstrate many of the whys and hows of lifeguarding while preparing them to pass the water-screening test required for all lifeguards. Participants will get to practice basic pool rescues in addition to instruction in a number of lifeguarding related skills including water safety, public relations, facility operations, teamwork, leadership, first aid and introductory CPR. This class will not offer CPR certification.

Lifeguard Prep

Lifeguard Prep is a 3-week training program to develop the swim skills necessary to successfully qualify to work as a lifeguard. To participate, you must be 15 y/o by May 24, 2024, and able to swim 100 yards (down the pool and back twice) without stopping. We will work with you to improve your swim efficiency, teach a variety of useful kicks, rescue techniques as well as how to navigate deep water entry and the feet-first surface dive. To provide the best training experience, class size is limited. This class will be offered throughout the summer lifeguard hiring season.

One on One Lessons (All ages)

For swimmers of all ages. Lessons can be tailored based on each individual’s age and goals. Lessons are 15 minutes.