Solar PanelsColumbia Association (CA) has been making strides in recent years to leverage green power opportunities and reduce our carbon footprint. Since August 2015, electricity use at CA has been 100 percent offset with clean renewable energy!

Solar power generated by a 2 Megawatt solar farm in West Friendship, MD supplies about 25 percent of CA’s annual electricity usage. Under the 20 year power purchase agreement (PPA) CA receives electricity through virtual aggregate net metering and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs).

A part of our recent electricity supply contract, CA secured American Wind™ Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for the remaining 75 percent of our annual electricity usage. The wind generation sources for the RECs are located in Texas and Oklahoma. In addition to the above efforts, CA operates multiple onsite solar photovoltaic installations:

  1. 20 kW system in Kings Contrivance
  2. 5 kW single axis tracking system in River Hill
  3. 10 kW system at Dorsey Hall Pool
  4. 6 kW system at Dickinson Pool
  5. 40 kW system at Long Reach Tennis Club
  6. 15 kW system at Hobbits Glen Golf Club
  7. 5 kW system at Slayton House
  8. 20 kW system at Kahler Hall
  9. 40 kW system at the Columbia Athletic Club
  10. 8 kW dual axis tracking system at Long Reach Tennis

CA also participates in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsored Green Power Partnership, where organizations are recognized for their efforts to advance the development of green power.