CA is also proud to support neurodivergent members and their families by designating Macgill’s Commons Pool as a sensory-friendly pool. This effort is in partnership with the Autism Society of Maryland and accommodates children with autism who may have stop/start, transition, or other break accommodations.

CA lifeguards will permit children who require accommodation to remain in the pool during adult swim (with advanced notice and under the supervision of an accompanying adult).

If you are a parent or a guardian of a child with stop/start, transition accommodations and would like to request this accommodation, please reach out to the Autism Society of Maryland.

Autism Society of Maryland

9770 Patuxent Wood Drive, Suite 308
Columbia, Maryland 21046

Phone: 410-290-3466

After the Autism Society of Maryland reviews your request (which can take up to 5 business days) *, their staff will contact the CA Aquatics team to have the accommodation added to your child’s membership or Columbia Card check-in message.

Once you arrive at McGill’s, please check in with the Manager in Duty in the blue lifeguard uniform so they can alert the other lifeguards on duty.