Protecting Columbia's watersheds

Sustainability is a core tenet in Columbia, and the Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) exists to help maintain and improve the water quality and ecological integrity of our watersheds. 

This group is made up of 11 members who technically serve one year terms, though reappointment is common and most members serve on the committee until they decide to leave. A number of members have experience in the field.

The WAC is currently looking for new members! If you are interested in participating in the upcoming Watershed Advisory Committee meeting, please email


Chair: Deborah Wessner

CA liaison: TBA

Drawing on their experience in watershed related issues (including topics like lake management, forest health and stormwater management), members of the WAC provide input to CA staff on CA watershed plans. This includes recommending best practices, enhancing public awareness and facilitating education on watershed issues.

Click here to read the WAC charter.

Meetings / Sessions

The committee typically meets once every other month (every second Monday every other month, 6-7:30pm) and is made up of representatives from each village, plus one at-large member.

Meeting Title Location Date Agenda
Watershed Advisory Committee Meeting – February 2024 Virtual 2/20/2024 6:00pm



Watershed Advisory Committee Meeting – July 2024 Virtual TBD

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