Empowering Columbia’s Youth

Our youth and teens deserve to have their voices heard in the community, and the Teen and Middle School Advisory Committee is here to empower young people to get involved and plan youth-led programs. 

This committee is looking for new members! Anyone interested should email Rene Buckmon (rene.buckmon@columbiaassociation.org) for the application. The only requirement to serve on the committee is being a middle or high school student in Howard County (including homeschooled students).


Chair: TBD

Vice Chair: TBD

CA liaison: Rene Buckmon 

The Teen and Middle School Advisory Committee is made up of two groups: high school (ages 13-19) and middle school (ages 11-13). These groups serve as a resource to the CA staff and the Board of Directors to ensure that the needs and interests of teenagers in Columbia are met. Members organize and implement programs and activities for their peers, gaining self-confidence, leadership experience and new friends along the way. 

Click here to read the Teen and Middle School Advisory Committee Charter.

Meetings / Sessions

Middle School Advisory Committee Meeting are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 3:15pm at The Barn 5853 Robert Oliver Place.

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