Instructional hockey helps skaters learn what they need to join a team environment. Experienced coaches guide participants through skills and drills that build knowledge and confidence. Skaters will also get the opportunity to practice working together in controlled game play. The program’s goal is to provide new skaters the experience they need to play confidently on a team.

Equipment available to borrow for Instructional Hockey Levels Beginner -Advanced. Sizes limited, while supplies last. Fittings available 1- 2 weeks prior. Call 410-730-0322 for more information. Not available for High School Instructional Hockey due to size restrictions.


Session Dates

  • Session 4: February 25 – April 13, 2024 (No class on April 8)
  • Session 5: April 20 – June 8, 2024


No classes are available at this time.