Adopt-A-Spot is an exciting new program available to CA’s certified Weed Warriors. The program recognizes spots in open space where Weed Warriors have been removing non-native invasive plants and replacing them with native plants through repeated Pull and Plant Events. The Adopt-A-Spot program also provides Weed Warriors with the opportunity to work with CA staff and select new spots to begin the process of removing unwanted non-native invasive plants and replacing them with more desirable native plants.


The Columbia Association’s (CA) Weed Warrior Program was established in 2013. The Weed Warrior program supplements CA’s efforts to remove non-native, invasive plant species on designated CA open space properties. The program trains and certifies interested residents who wish to lead volunteer groups to remove non-native invasive plants in open space. The program is working cooperatively with the University of Maryland Extension Services and Howard Community College to provide in-class and outdoor field training to certify leaders. The training involves a 4-hour class room session and a 4-hour field session. 

Weed Warriors are trained in hand tool safety, personal protection against insects and toxic plants, non-native invasive plant identification and removal techniques, and appropriate native plants as replacements. Certified volunteer leaders, who complete CA’s training program and meet specific requirements, may supervise and “lead” groups of volunteers onto the open space to perform specific, designated invasive weed removal tasks. Weed Warriors may also work independently if that is their preference. 


The goal of the Adopt-A-Spot program is to recognize areas undergoing invasive species management, and to provide an avenue for residents to become stewards of a manageable section of Open Space. 

Weed Warriors volunteering to adopt a spot will be asked to commit to removing non-native invasives from the adopted site two times a year and to continue to revisit for at least three years. In conjunction with Howard Community College, CA will continue to provide training for new Weed Warriors and continued support for certified Weed Warriors. 

CA will provide hand tools, gloves, contractor trash bags, and first aid materials for Pull and Plants. Volunteers will bag pulled material or stack larger material for pick up by CA staff. CA will provide appropriate native plants or seed for the area cleared.

Active Spots

To adopt your own spot, please fill out this form.

You must be a certified Weed Warrior to Adopt-a-Spot. To become certified or become a “spot parent,” contact Adopt-A-Spot at

Village of Harper’s Choice

  • Harper’s Farm Road (across from Beaverkill Road)
  • Hobbit’s Glen, island between Elfstone and High Hay Drive
  • Swansfield Road Bridge – on trail between Swansfield Road and Blue Paper Trail
  • Faulkner Ridge – path between Faulkner Ridge Circle and Endicott Lane, between bridges

Village of Hickory Ridge

  • Bright Plume (adjacent to Bright Plume tot lot)
  • Sixpence Circle tot lot

Village of Kings Contrivance

  • Cotton Mill Ln (path connection with leader from the cul-de-sac)
  • Persimmon Grove (along the path from South Carlinda near the tot lot)
  • Sweet Hours Way (near pollinator garden off of Kings Contrivance Loop Pathway)
  • Sea Shadow Bridge – near tot lot KC3
  • Setting Sun Way – path between Setting Sun Way and Kindler Road
  • Donleigh Pond – intersection of Shaker Drvie and Donleigh Drive
  • Cape Ann Park Entry – near tot lot KC21
  • Blue Sea – near Blue Sea/Stonebrook tot lot KC29
  • South Carlinda – near bridge KC-BB01
  • Clocktower Lane – path between Clocktower Lane, Sea Shadow, and W Window Way

Village of Long Reach

  • Jackson Pond
  • Phelps Luck (path off Eagle Beak)
  • Stonecutter Way (adjacent to tot lot between Blackstar Circle and Window Latch Way)
  • Burnt Mountain (Tree planting behind Burnt Mountain) Creekside at Kendall Ridge South – 6401 Saddle Drive
  • Phelps Luck Elementary School – Next to Basketball courts
  • Sweetgum corner – Across the path from LR – 4 Thurso Court

Village of River Hill

  • Corner of path below the Wild Orange Gate cul-de-sac heading to Countless Stars Run
  • Kennedy Overlook

Village of Town Center

  • Davidage Drive (along Clarksville Pike)
  • Wyndham and Banneker – Open Space between Wyndham Condo Community and Banneker Place

Village of Wilde Lake

  • Wilde Lake Park – Along lakeside path from the boathouse to the dam
  • Above Snowy Reach tot lot