Is there a mini-Michelangelo or a preteen Picasso living in your house? The best way to find out is by registering your son or daughter in Youth and Teen classes and workshops held at Columbia Art Center.

Whether they decide to work with clay or canvas, explore portraiture or printmaking, these classes are the perfect outlet for self-expression and creativity. Kids ages 6 -17 are welcome to participate, and the times for Youth and Teen classes work well with school schedules.

Studies have shown that children of all ages can benefit by participating in art programs. So have your child skip a little screen time… and create something beautiful.

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Fun with Fluid: Acrylic Flow Painting

Designed for beginners!  All supplies provided. Have fun exploring the art of fluid acrylic pouring which gives fabulous results. Instead of applying paint with a brush, learn techniques for pouring and dripping paint onto a canvas or paper. Though the paints are runny, they flow and spread easily without compromising the color intensity. Your results will reflect swirls, waves and marbled effects. As you tip and tilt your canvas, you will get comfortable with this fun process that gives eye-catching results. Enjoy learning other techniques, including the chain pull. Make sure to bring a smock or wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.
Program Date
Spring 2024 - 5/15/2024 View Dates | Register

Glass Workshop

For ages 17 and up. Designed for Beginners and Continuing Students. Learn basic fused glass or stained glassed techniques. Bring your friends for a fun, creative class. You'll leave with your stained glass creation and fused glass will be ready for pickup within two weeks following the workshop. All supplies included.

Please Note: The cutting workshop does not include a finished project
Program Date
Spring 2024 - Fused Glass Square Bowl 4/27/2024 View Dates | Register
Spring 2024 - Fused Glass Square Bowl 5/11/2024 View Dates | Register
Spring 2024 - Fused Glass Sushi Plate 5/17/2024 View Dates | Register
Spring 2024 - Fused Glass Sushi Plate 5/17/2024 View Dates | Register

Kids Clay Play ages 5-11

For ages 5-11 Are you ready to make a creation out of clay and have it fired in a kiln? In this workshop, enjoy making and decorating one or two art projects, such as a bowl, cup, dish, and/or sculpture. Your artwork will be glazed and fired in our studio kiln and available for pick-up in 3 weeks. All supplies provided.
Program Date
Spring 2024 - Pinch Pot Wind Chime Workshop 4/27/2024 View Dates | Register
Spring 2024 - Snack Tray Workshop New 5/4/2024 View Dates | Register