Show the world what you can do with a blank canvas and register for a Columbia Association (CA) art class. Offered throughout the year and held at Columbia Art Center, there are classes for artists of all ages, including children, teens and adults. Choose from pen and ink, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and even colored pencils. Just bring your creative energy and remember — even Michelangelo had to start somewhere!

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Alcohol Ink Painting

Creating with alcohol ink is fun and relaxing because it is easy and the results are fabulous. Anyone can do this. There is no need for sketches, plans or previous art experience of any kind. Just relax and let the ink blend itself. Enjoy pouring, painting and stamping techniques while using all the tools that will instantly have you creating vibrant alcohol ink paintings. All supplies and materials are included in tuition.
Program Date
Alcohol Ink Painting - Winter/Spring 2024 3/20/2024 View Dates | Register

Dabble in Acrylic Paint

Try your hand at acrylic painting in a comfortable learning atmosphere. Enjoy teacher demonstrations and hands-on exercises that explore different techniques and strokes with acrylics. You will create a painting that you will take home with you. All supplies included.
Program Date
Dabble in Acrylic Paint - Winter/Spring 2024 3/12/2024 View Dates | Register

Dabble in Encaustics

For ages 17 and up. All levels of experience are welcome. Explore the easy-to-learn technique of using colored pigments mixed with hot wax. Learn to prepare materials to do your first painting. Through a step-by-step process, add medium and encaustic paint to watercolor paper, then use tools to scrape into the paints, and then add materials for texture. Pigment sticks will be used to enhance the textures of your creations. All supplies included.
Program Date
Dabble in Encaustics - Winter/Spring 2024 3/14/2024 View Dates | Register

Dabble in Oil Painting

In a relaxed, learning environment, enjoy dabbling in oil painting. You will be guided in hands-on exercises, as well as watch instructor demonstrations of the medium. Bring a friend for a fun afternoon outing. All supplies included.
Program Date
Dabble in Oil Painting - Winter/Spring 2024 3/26/2024 View Dates | Register

Dabble in Watercolor

Try your hand at watercolor painting in a comfortable learning atmosphere. You will be instructed in fun hands-on exercises, as well as have the opportunity to watch instructor demonstrations. Bring a friend for a fun and creative evening. All supplies included.
Program Date
Dabble in Watercolor - Winter/Spring 2024 3/11/2024 View Dates | Register

Drawing: Pencil Charcoal Conte

Designed for adult beginners and intermediate students of all disciplines. Have fun using drawing media such as charcoal, pencil, and conte, to explore different drawing techniques. Learn about value scale, mark making, proportion, and perspective. This is an ideal class for beginners and those with experience who want to hone their techniques. Each session will include teacher demonstrations, technique practices, and drawing from life. At the time of registration, you will be given a supplies list.
Program Date
Drawing: Pencil Charcoal Conte - Winter/Spring 2024 3/3/2024 View Dates | Register

Sumi-e Mini Workshop

Whether you have been painting for years or have never picked up a brush, you’ll love learning this fast and easy freehand method of painting. Explore basic strokes and learn to put them together to form flowers, landscapes and still lifes in the style of Chinese brush painting. Rice paper is available to purchase for $1 per sheet.
Program Date
Sumi-e Mini Workshop - Winter/Spring 2024 3/23/2024 View Dates | Register