The Columbia DogPark is supervised. Handlers are legally responsible for their dog(s) at all times. Columbia Association assumes no responsibility or liability for conduct of dog(s) or their owners/handlers.

Handlers are required to…

  • Have current Columbia DogPark registration and Columbia DogPark issued dog tag(s).
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • Enter the DogPark with no more than two (2) dogs per handler at one time, and only if both dogs enter the same weight restricted section of the DogPark.
  • Immediately clean-up after their dog(s) and properly dispose of their dog(s) feces.
  • Have written proof of a current animal license and rabies vaccination record.
  • Keep their dog(s) leashed prior to entering and exiting the fenced off-leash area.
  • Remain in the off-leash area with their dog(s) at all times.
  • Maintain visual contact and voice command/verbal control of their dog(s).
  • Provide and exchange name and contact information to involved parties when your dog bites.

Not permitted in the Off-leash Area

  • Children under twelve (12) years of age.
  • Dogs showing aggression towards people or other dogs. Such dogs must be immediately leashed and removed from the DogPark.
  • Dogs that are muzzled.
  • Spike, choke, electric or prong collars.
  • Dog treats, training treats, dog toys, dog or human food.
  • Smoking, vaping or eating.
  • Professional dog trainers conducting business or advertising.
  • Female dogs in heat (canine estrus) or sick dogs.
  • Dogs under the age of four (4) months.
  • Dogs not vaccinated for rabies.
  • Animals other than dogs.
  • Digging in or around the DogPark areas.
  • Glass containers and alcoholic beverages

DogPark Etiquette – Know Your Dog!

Not all dogs are good candidates for off-leash dog parks. If your dog has not had regular interaction with other dogs, he or she may lack the necessary social skills to make your dog’s trip safe and enjoyable. Supervise your dog closely at all times to prevent aggression and other inappropriate behaviors. Dogs that bark persistently are a nuisance and handlers may be asked to remove the dog. Dogs have different play styles, temperaments and physical abilities. If your dog’s play is making other dog owners uncomfortable, consider going to another area of the DogPark or perhaps return at another time.

Stay alert at all times. Remember to scoop your dog’s poop. Help keep Columbia DogPark safe and clean.

Canine Safety Warning Signs: Prevent Fights: Remember the 4 “P’s

  • Posture: A dog’s body language communicates fear, hostility, or submission. Learn to read and respond to body language.
  • Packing: More than 4 or 5 dogs packed together can lead to trouble. Break up the problem by leading your dog to a neutral area at least 30 feet away.
  • Possession: Be it a ball or other toys, most dogs will protect what is theirs. Toys (ball throwing sticks excepted) are NOT permitted to be brought into the DogPark.
  • Provoking: If your dog is continuously annoying other dogs or exhibiting aggression, it’s time to leave the park.

What Do You Do if a Fight Happens?

  • Keep Calm. Yelling only adds to the over-excited frenzy.
  • Never reach with your hands into the mix. You may get bitten, even by your own dog.
  • Distract or divert the dog’s attention with a loud whistle, or a pocket air horn.
  • If your dog is not involved, keep it away from the fight.
  • Control your dog and move him/her to a neutral area.

If your dog bites and/or Inflicts an Injury: You must give your name and phone number to the other dog owner before leaving the area. Owners are responsible for their dog(s) behavior and any injuries, damages, or loss their dog may cause. The Columbia Association reserves the right to disclose and provide your personal contact information to other DogPark patrons when a biting incident occurs at the DogPark.

To Report Animal Emergencies Contact:
Howard County Animal Control: 8576 Davis Rd Columbia, MD 21045, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm 410-313-2780; After hours/weekends: 410-313-2929.