Why martial arts are important

For everyone, martial arts classes are a fun way to be more active, increase your agility, and improve your concentration and balance. For kids and teens, martial arts can help:

  • Get active while improving concentration, confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline
  • Improve strength and coordination
  • Develop leadership skills by working their way up to becoming an instructor
  • Earn community service hours through their work as a black belt instructor
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What we offer

We offer martial arts classes for ages 2 and up, including Lil’ Dragons, Tae Kwon Do, and even a class for the whole family! For adults, we offer Aikido and Judo as well. Classes are available for all skill levels-beginner to advanced. Open to the public-you do not have to be a CA member.

Get a Free Class

Complete the form below, call 410-531-8927 or email John.Bannon@ColumbiaAssociation.org to get your free trial class and learn about our current special offers.

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