Columbia Maryland Archives is actively seeking donations from past and present members of the community, welcoming donations that document and preserve the rich, unique legacy of the people and places of this planned community.

  • Records of organizations such as clubs, religious organizations, performing and visual arts groups, sports groups, neighborhood associations, companies, etc. These include charter or incorporation papers and bylaws, lists of members, minutes, news clippings, photographs, histories, newsletters and other ephemera and memorabilia.
  • Personal papers with historical reference to Columbians who may have been significant to Columbia’s history. These papers can also include diaries, scrapbooks and photo albums.
  • Articles, books, reports, speeches and dissertations on Columbia.
  • Original art and literature by Columbia residents.
  • Photographs and audiovisuals of people, places and events in Columbia history.
  • Columbia magazines and telephone books, as the Archives has complete runs of them.

To assist us in our review, please fully describe your proposed donation by including information about its size, condition and historical significance, and attach photographs or photocopies of the materials, if possible.

Please do not send the original materials you wish to donate until we contact you.

For questions about collections, resources, availability of materials, or other general inquiries please email

Archives - Donate Materials

Description of Materials

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

If possible, please attach 1 or 2 images of the item(s). This can help the staff evaluate the material and the condition.