All Camp staff receive training in the use of positive methods of discipline. Simple, understandable, realistic rules will be established with the children at the beginning of the school year and reinforced throughout the year. Constructive methods of discipline may include redirection, separation of the child from the situation, and praise for appropriate behavior.

In cases where a behavior problem is harmful, the parent will be informed at the end of the day. Parental support will be solicited in developing a plan to help the child control/eliminate harmful behavior. In cases of excessively harmful or aggressive behavior, or eloping (leaving the program area or building) a meeting between parents/guardians and the program manager will be required. The purpose of this meeting will be to share ideas to develop a plan to allow for the child’s success in our Camp. Inappropriate behavior that continues despite repeated interventions by parents and staff may result in permanent removal from CA Camps.

CA Camps have a zero-tolerance policy for physical aggression and/or physical contact of any type and eloping (leaving the program area and/or building). If a child engages in physical contact (rough play, horseplay, hitting, pushing/shoving, tripping, biting, pinching, throwing objects at another child, and kicking, just to name a few) a progressive discipline policy will be implemented. Additionally, verbal threats made to another student or a staff member will not be tolerated, and such behavior will trigger CA’s progressive discipline policy:

  • The first instance of any of these behaviors will require a meeting among the parents/guardians, the director, the child, and a member of the management team. *Only virtual meetings or conference calls will be conducted at this time. This meeting will be held within 24 hours of the incident. (Failure of the parent/guardian to participate in the meeting could result in a three- to five-day suspension from camp.)
  • The second instance of these behaviors will result in an immediate three-day suspension from camp.
  • A third instance will result in an immediate five-day suspension.
  • Should a fourth incident occur, the child will be suspended until all parties (parent/ guardian, child, director, and member of the management team) can meet. *Only virtual meetings or conference calls will be conducted at this time. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the next steps and continued use of the camp program.

Please note that determinations of intent are not made regarding physical contact — we believe that no child will deliberately try to harm another. However, striking out at another child, for any reason, will cause the above-listed sequence of events to occur.
Inappropriate behavior of a non-physical nature will be handled by the director in the group. This includes such things as disrespect, discriminatory language, profanity, refusal to follow rules, or poor play habits. If the behavior escalates or the director is not meeting with success with your child, they will discuss the behavior with you at the end of the day.

If disrespectful or inappropriate behaviors (such as but not limited to, refusal to follow direction, profanity, inappropriate gestures, discriminatory language) continue after the director speaks with the parent/guardian, a meeting with the operations and/or program manager will be required to discuss next steps.

There are no credits or adjustments for time not used in the camp week due to disciplinary suspensions.

Personal Items of Children

Columbia Association staff are not responsible for toys, money, or other personal items your child may bring to camp. Toy weapons cannot be brought to the camp at any time. Cell phones, music players, game devices, and other electronic toys or personal toys, cannot be brought to the camp at any time. If a child has an item from home without prior approval from a Camp staff member, they will be asked to return it to their backpacks and/or cubby area. Should they refuse to do so, the item will be taken and held by staff until the child is picked up at the end of the day.