Stay Fit with CA’s Virtual Personal Training!

Now available for both CA members and nonmembers.

With everything going on these days it is difficult to maintain a regular routine. You may feel as though your healthy lifestyle routine has been derailed, or maybe took a slight detour during lockdown. Or, maybe just the opposite happened…you found yourself finally having time to spend on creating new, healthy lifestyle habits.

Or maybe you just aren’t ready to back into a fitness club yet? Whether you need to get back into a regular routine or need help building on what you have just started, CA’s Personal Trainers can get you where you want to go with Virtual Personal Training (VPT)

What You’ll Receive:

  • Start with a virtual fitness consultation where we gather information on your health history, previous exercise experience, personal goals and exercise space.
  • A fitness program designed to fit your needs and will help you reach your goals and get results-without ever having to leave your home!
  • 45-minute virtual personal training sessions. And these can be either private or you can get 2-3 friends or family members to join in!

What’ll You Need to Participate:

  • Broadband internet that supports streaming and/or video conferencing service
  • Some space where you can move up, down and side-to-side
  • Whatever equipment you have at your fingertips (home products work as a great substitute!)

VPT gives you flexibility without sacrificing the personalized and progressive programming of a traditional personal training session. Another bonus? We offer private and semi-private (2-3 people) sessions which means you can get your friends or family to join you!

Packages start at:

Elite (one-on-one)

Professional (one-on-one)

Semi-Private (2-4 people) Packages*:




*Prices for semi-private sessions are shown as the total owed by the group. 

**Non-member rates are an additional $10 per session. 

To purchase sessions online, click here. Need assistance to register, click here to the step-by-step.

For more information, please email