Exercise and Education Programs for Chronic Disease Management

Exercise and education are vital in the prevention and management of chronic health conditions. However, many people find the idea of beginning an exercise routine daunting, due to physical limitations, safety concerns and a lack of information about the disease process.

Cooper® Tracks helps you start exercising safely and effectively, while also providing you with the confidence and information you need to better manage chronic conditions.

You’ll learn about how to make small changes to your lifestyle that can have a big impact on your health, and get the support you need to stick to new healthy habits.

If you’re ready to improve your health and quality of life, this program is for you!

Cooper® Tracks is designed for:

  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic disease or risk factors for disease
  • Individuals transitioning from a completed rehabilitative program to regular physical activity
  • Individuals following a preventive approach via exercise and lifestyle modification

Program Details

  • Eight weeks in length with rolling registration – join anytime!
  • Two 60-minute sessions per week plus onboarding and post-program wrap up
  • Educational content specific to disease process, nutrition and lifestyle modification
  • Exercise tracking tools
  • Social support and accountability

Current Tracks Offered


Appropriate for individuals who have been diagnosed with stable cardiovascular disease, completed cardiac rehabilitation or diagnosed with multiple cardiovascular risk factors.

  • A safe and effective individualized exercise program in a group setting
  • Health education about how habits and mindset affect cardiovascular health specifically
  • Discuss and incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle
  • Increase confidence & competence of healthy lifestyle behaviors

Each workout session includes a warm-up, cardiovascular, strength, and resistance training, followed by a cool down with diaphragmatic breathing.

Immunity & Reconditioning

Appropriate for individuals who are deconditioned from illness or immobility, recovering from COVID-19, or just have a desire to boost immunity to combat cold and flu season.

  • Health education on immunity & recovery
  • Boost immune health
  • Learn to create healthy habits
  • Build a support system

Each workout session includes a warm-up, cardiovascular training, strengthening and resistance training and a cool-down with diaphragmatic breathing and mindful relaxation.


Appropriate for individuals who have been diagnosed with Prediabetes, Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Health education on how habits and mindset affect diabetes, specifically
  • Improve overall health
  • Learn exercises to help develop a more active lifestyle
  • Build a support system
  • In order to participate, individuals must be ambulatory, independent with blood sugar management and able to perform at least 10 minutes of sustained activity or exercise.

Each workout session includes a warm-up, cardiovascular training, strength and resistance training.

Program Pricing

Membership Price
Income Qualfied Price
Fit&Play $285 $143
1Fit $300 $150
Play $315 $158
Non-Member $400 N/A

*Reduced CA membership rates are available for residents who live or work full-time on property protected by the CA covenants, and whose household income is within federally-based guidelines. Click here  for details and application.

Get Started

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For more information, please call Athletic Club at (410) 730-6744

Please note that, Cooper Tracks® is now HSA/FSA eligible for those who qualify. We understand the importance of prioritizing your health and wellness, and this new payment option aims to make it even more affordable and convenient for you to invest in your well-being.