All splash, no sweat

Prefer the pool to the gym? Then dive into CA’s group aqua classes. No matter your fitness goals, aquatic exercise works your whole body without overworking your joints. Land-based exercise works one muscle group at a time, but in the water you also work the opposing muscle group, so you get double the benefit for the same effort. So if you want to feel the burn without breaking a sweat, give our aqua classes a try.

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Just add water

Whether you’re looking for gentle exercises to help decrease pain and stiffness, recovery after an injury, or you crave the challenge a high-intensity aqua cycle session brings, we have classes to fit all levels.

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Aqua Arthritis and Aqua Arthritis Plus offer gentle exercises in the water to help decrease pain and stiffness

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Aqua Fitness, Aqua Fusion, Aqua Cycle and Aqua Cycle & Strength offer the benefits of aerobics, muscle conditioning and flexibility without stress to joints.

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Aqua Ai Chi and Aqua Yoga classes offer gentle exercises in warm water focused on enhancing physical, mental, and emotional health.

“This is the best facility I’ve experienced. Rigorous preventive measures, spacious rooms and comprehensive equipment and programs…all make me confident and comfortable. In particular, I love the swimming pool and go swimming frequently, with well-managed schedules for swimmers so no crowd in lanes! Keep on CA!”
Gary H. (Supreme Sports Club Member)

“A great community gym. It has everything you might require for your fitness needs. Great for families. There’s plenty of parking and the staff is friendly and professional. Disinfecting, and cleaning is a high priority as well.”
Jonathan M. (Columbia Gym Member)