Exploring Ways to Better Serve Everyone

Millennials are a vital segment of the Columbia community, and the Millennial Advisory Committee (MAC) is committed to making sure their needs and interests are reflected in CA’s programs and activities. 

This committee is currently seeking new members! If you’re interested, reach out to Dannika Rynes at dannika.rynes@columbiaassociation.org.


Chair: Vacant

Vice Chair: Vacant

CA liaison: Dannika Rynes

The Millennial Advisory Committee was initially formed as a work group, which resulted in a report called “Exploring Ways to Better Serve Millennials.” Since then, the committee provides insight to CA staff and the Board of Directors on how to increase engagement with the community’s young adult population and offers feedback on how to best implement the report’s recommendations. This group is often tapped to bring new ideas and viewpoints about CA’s existing services, programs and amenities.

The Millennial Advisory Committee is made up of members between the ages of 19 and 35. This group is in the process of transitioning, so stay tuned for updates.

Click here to read the MAC charter.

Meetings / Sessions

The group meets periodically throughout the year (as it fits into members’ schedules).

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