Ensuring a Tee-rific Golf Experience

CA’s award-winning golf courses are a major point of community pride, and the Columbia Golf Advisory Committee (CGAC) is focused on continuously improving the golf experience at Fairway Hills and Hobbit’s Glen. 

This committee is looking for new members! There are no requirements besides a passion for golf. Email Rodney Green (rodney.green@columbiaassociation.org) to apply.


Chair: Vacant

Vice Chair: Vacant

CA liaison: Rodney Green 

CA Board of Directors liaison: Reg Avery

The Columbia Golf Advisory Committee provides input to CA’s staff on suggested improvements for CA’s golf operations, policies and programs. Members also serve as liaisons between the golf club members and CA management, specifically regarding member concerns. The CGAC is made up of sub-committees that focus on issues like course conditions, tournaments and handicapping, and the relationship between the Turnhouse restaurant and Hobbit’s Glen.

Meetings / Sessions

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 16 at 7pm

The Golf Advisory Committee typically meets quarterly (on the third Tuesday of February, May, August and November).

Meeting Title Date Agenda Additional Links
Golf Advisory Committee Meeting 11/21/2023 7:00pm

Golf Advisory Committee Meeting 08/15/2023 7:00pm

Golf Advisory Committee Meeting 05/16/2023 7:00pm Agenda
Golf Advisory Committee Meeting 02/21/2023 7:00pm



Golf Advisory Committee Meeting 11/15/2022 7:00pm


Golf Advisory Committee Meeting 08/16/2022 7:00pm