The HeART of Columbia

Columbia’s vibrant art scene enhances all of our lives, and the Columbia Art Center Advisory Committee (CACAS) is dedicated to supporting and expanding opportunities for creative expression and access in our community.

This committee is looking for new members! Members must be at least 18 years old. Terms last two to four years.

Email Liz Henzey ( and/or committee chair Lynn Foehrkolb ( to apply. 


Chair: Lynn Foehrkolb

CA liaison: Liz Henzey

The CACAS provides input to CA staff to ensure that Columbia Art Center remains a flourishing arts resource for the community. This includes advising CA on developing and implementing new programs, events and community projects/collaborations. The CACAS is committed to increasing the community’s opportunities to enjoy quality art! A mix of village representatives, art-centered representatives and department representatives serve on the committee. 

Click here to read the Columbia Art Center Advisory Committee charter.

Meetings / Sessions

The CACAS meets one Monday morning a quarter.

Meeting Title Location Date Agenda
CACAS Meeting – February 2024 Columbia Art Center 02/01/2024 2:00pm Agenda
CACAS Meeting – June 2024 Columbia Art Center 06/20/2024 11:00am Agenda

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