Current Members

Bill Santos
CA Board Member for Wilde Lake


The Millennial Advisory Committee was convened in the summer of 2019 after CA’s Board of Directors adopted the charter and recruitment of volunteers. The committee consists of 15 volunteers between the ages of 19-35. It provides a unique opportunity for younger Columbians to help shape the future of Columbia by providing their insights on how to improve Columbia Association’s programs and activities and to increase engagement with Columbia’s millennial community.

The primary goal of the committee is to provide fresh insights and different ideas about new and existing services, programs, and community benefits Columbia Association provides. This initiative is a continuation of the work undertaken in 2018 by a work group of similarly-aged community residents that ultimately led to their final report, “Exploring Ways to Better Serve Millennials.” The committee will take up the baton for this effort, advising Columbia Association on implementing the recommendations and opportunities identified in the report.

Meetings / Sessions

Meeting Title Date Agenda Additional Links
Millennial Advisory Committee (September 2022) 09/07/2022 7:00pm