Enhancing Columbia’s Governance

Columbia Association’s Board of Directors is committed to providing guidance and oversight to the organization in the areas of:

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Monitoring of strategic implementation and organizational performance
  • Relationship building with constituents, including residents, stakeholders and community partners.

To ensure the board fulfills this commitment in a timely fashion, a new board governance process was approved in April 2016.

CA’s Board of Directors meets on the second and fourth Thursday of most months. The second Thursday is a work session, where board members discuss topics on an informal basis and do not take binding votes. The fourth Thursday is a voting meeting of the board, at which decisions are made and binding votes taken on topics discussed at work sessions.

This new process allows board members to conduct work sessions throughout the year, hear presentations and discuss information as a group, and then make decisions and end meetings earlier in the evening.

There are three standing CA Board committees. The Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee generally meet quarterly, while the Board Operations Committee generally meets monthly. Information on these committees may be found by clicking on each name in the following section entitled “Board Committees.”

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