The Drop-In program offers a wide variety of educational, enrichment and recreational opportunities that support positive peer interaction, hands-on learning opportunities, decision-making, and development of life skills. These activities not only engage youth but also allow them to make contributions to the community.

The daily program incorporates an opportunity for participants to work on homework assignments with some assistance from YTC staff, as well as both structured and recreational activities. Structured activities, listed on a monthly calendar, are planned each day. Participation in these activities is encouraged but not required.

Active participation in at least one enrichment club is a requirement for all YTC participants. The choice of enrichment club is left to the participant. However, once they commit to a club they are expected to be present and engaged. Parents are asked to reiterate and help enforce the guidelines of the enrichment clubs to their child. Staff should always be contacted if a participant will be absent for an enrichment club; likewise, parents will be notified of any unusual absences or no-shows for enrichment clubs.

The YTC programs are drop-in, not licensed child care, and therefore the expectation is that the participants are mature enough to handle a less-structured environment. While we provide a safe and supervised atmosphere, staff work in various rooms and therefore do not provide line-of-sight supervision at all times. Children who are ill and did not attend school or who are suspended from school will not be permitted to attend the YTC. Youth who are not registered, including guests of registered participants, will not be permitted to attend the YTC Drop-In program or enrichment clubs.

Please complete the following forms and submit them to to register.