Please use ONLY for annual charge payments. We do not accept payments for membership, School Age Services, camps, etc., through this portal.

Columbia Association accepts online payment for the annual charge by e-check (bank draft), Discover, Mastercard or American Express. Payment is made through the Govolution Velocity Payment System.

Govolution, a third party payment processor, charges a convenience fee of $1.50 for e-check transactions and 2.55% (minimum $1) of the payment amount for Discover, Mastercard and American Express transactions. These fees are automatically added and displayed during your online transaction. The convenience fee is payable to Govolution, not Columbia Association.

Please note that Visa is not accepted. Visa’s rules prohibit Govolution from assessing a percentage-based fee on annual charge transactions. We determined that a flat fixed fee on all transactions, regardless of amount, would not be cost-effective for many of our annual charge payers.

Here are some answers to additional questions you might have:

Q:  Can I pay online at your office and not pay a fee?

Credit card/bank draft payments are only accepted online. A terminal and assistance are available at CA Headquarters if needed, but third-party convenience fees still apply.

Q: How do I know how much to pay and when?

Refer to your CA bill to ensure that you pay on time and to input your payment information. Payment of your CA annual charge bill is due within 30 days of invoice date. Interest will accrue at the rate of 0.50% per month (6% per year) until this bill is paid in full.

Q: Are overpayments/duplicate payments refunded back to my card?

Any refunds or credits due to annual charge payers or mortgage companies will be paid via check and delivered via U.S. mail. Third-party convenience fees are not refundable.

Q: There is no convenience fee charged to pay CA membership dues by credit card or ACH. Why is there a fee for annual charge payments?

CA annual charge billings and payments are not processed through the same system that handles membership transactions. The Govolution system is designed to make the collection of one-time payments via the web simple and secure.  In fact, Howard County Government utilizes Govolution in a similar way (and charges a fee) for online real property tax payments.