We Are Columbia.

Experience Columbia Association through our diverse activities, events, programs, fitness clubs, and along our pathways and open spaces. We’re so glad you’re here.

Find Your CA

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What is CA, you ask? We are excited to showcase this incredible community and share our commitment to serving everyone here. Check out the energy and inspiration of all things CA!

It’s March, let the games begin. Sign up for a CA Fit&Play membership today and pay nothing until May — plus score 50 CA bucks! Jump on this deal before it fades away.


What is a village? Why do they hold elections? Can I vote?” Have questions? You’re not alone.

That’s why CA is launching a one stop shop where you can learn about Columbia’s elections, find out how to participate, sign up for updates and more! Check out ColumbiaAssociation.org/Elections.

Let's Do This!