Up to 20 party participants will enjoy 2 hours of fun including mini golf and space reserved in the pavilion for the celebration. Equipment is provided for mini golf. Each additional participating guest will be an additional $10.00. The celebration can include 20 participants and up to a total of 15 additional spectators in the pavilion area. Please call or email if you need additional time or space for a larger group.

Food, drinks and decorations are provided by the party host. The SportsPark does not provide any of these items so that you are able to choose what will be best suited for your party.

  • Food – You are allowed to bring your own food or have food delivered. There is no cooking onsite.
  • Drinks – Must be in individual containers and not poured to the participants. Please note that water fountains are not in use at this time.
  • Decoration – Decorations are allowed with a few restrictions. No pinatas, glitter or loud noise makers.

Your children’s health and safety is our number one priority and we have been working hard to get ready to welcome them back. CA has taken numerous steps to strengthen our existing cleaning and sanitation policies and procedures to help keep your family and our team members safe:

  • All equipment used is sanitized before and after use. There is also no sharing of equipment allowed.
  • The staff will clean and sanitize the reserved pavilion tables, chairs, and benches before and after use.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided.
  • We recommend you bring a water bottle with your name on it. The water fountains are not in use at this time.

Mini Golf party inquiries may be sent to sports.park@columbiaassociation.org or the SportsPark General Manager at 410-715-3054. Please include your first and second date and time options along with any special requests.

DIY Prices: