Teen Glow Skate

Friday nights are fun at Columbia Skate Arena! Skaters of all ages are welcome to enjoy Teen Glow Skate. Admission includes a free glow item (while supplies last).

Teen Glow Skate is held from 7-9pm every Friday.


  • Free for CA Fit&Play, Golf Fit&Play, 5Day Golf&Play, Play and 1Fit SSC
  • $9 for other CA members
  • $10 for non-members and Columbia Cardholders


  1. Skates must be worn at all times on the skate floor.
  2. Applicable admission fee (see above) required. Skate rental fee required with exception of personal skate use.
  3. Parents/guardians who are not skating but are accompanying a minor are permitted to enter

School's Out Skate

On some days that the Howard County Public Schools are closed, the Columbia Skate Arena will hold public roller skating sessions from 1-3pm.

Session Dates (2023)

Tuesday, 26th – Friday, 29th from 1pm-3pm

Monday, 1st from 1pm-3pm
Monday, 15th from 1pm-3pm
Monday, 22nd from 1pm-3pm

Monday, 19th from 1pm-3pm

Monday, 25th from 1pm-3pm
Tuesday, 26th from 1pm-3pm
Wednesday, 27th from 1pm-3pm
Thursday, 28th from 1pm-3pm
Friday, 29th from 1pm-3pm

Monday, 1st from 1pm-3pm
Wednesday, 10th from 1pm-3pm

Tuesday, 14th from 1pm-3pm
Monday, 27th from 1pm-3pm