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We’re committed to your health and safety so you can be too!

CA has always been committed to the wellness of this amazing community. That sense of responsibility never faded. In fact, it’s even stronger. 

Our ability to connect and grow together in a safe space is more important than ever. And we don’t have to tell you that maintaining your physical and mental health is crucial.

You deserve a routine. You deserve motivation. Dare we say it… You deserve to have some fun.

You deserve a chance to take care of yourself, so let us take care of providing the safest environment possible. We continue to go above and beyond baseline standards to create an area where you can thrive.


Detailed responses and protocol for each facility can be found on our COVID-19 Safety Updates page.


surgical mask

Breathe Easy

Everyone coming into CA facilities is required to wear a mask at all times (except while swimming). 



CA team members use contact-free thermometers to check the temperature of every person coming into our facilities.


temperature check


Another Level of Clean

We use hospital-grade electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces throughout our facilities. That’s in addition to regularly cleaning high-touch areas with EPA-approved disinfectant.


Breath of Fresh Air

Our Airius PureAir fans are constantly killing germs in the air. Plus, our HVAC systems are working overtime to constantly bring fresh air into our facilities. On top of that, the air in each room is filtered about 10 times per hour.


Keeping Our Distance

Certain equipment and lockers are blocked off to encourage proper physical distancing. CA has “6-feet” reminders all over our facilities, as well as clear markers for one-way traffic to further promote maintaining your space.

Avoiding a Crowd

CA is constantly monitoring and limiting the number of people coming into our buildings, even down to individual rooms. Pre-registration for certain classes and programs is required.

CA at Home

Our online catalog of classes and projects allows you to stay mentally and physically healthy from home. We also offer virtual personal training and other remote options to keep you connected and motivated no matter where you are.


CA at Home

be a champ


We’re also counting on you and your CHAMP mentality! Learn more about that in our New Way To Play guidelines.

Ready to commit to your wellness with CA? Check out our latest offers on memberships.