Columbia Association prepared and adopted the Active Transportation Action Agenda in 2012. It serves as a guiding document for future investment decisions in the CA pathway network. The Action Agenda includes pilot projects and recommendations that will create a more interconnected, comprehensive and safe bicycling and walking circulation system for health, recreational and transportation purposes.

Although focused on the CA pathway network, CA actively partners with Howard County’s Office of Transportation on integrating our network with other county-wide pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. A representative of CA also serves on the County’s Bicycle Advisory Group. To learn more about this group or the County’s pedestrian and bicycle master plans visit the Howard County website.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program

Between 2014 and 2019, Columbia Association (CA) and Howard County’s Office of Transportation partnered to conduct an annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Count program. Volunteers performed counts at locations throughout Columbia and eastern Howard County to capture demographic and numerical snapshots of pedestrians, bicyclists and other active modes of transportation at key intersections in the pathway system and on-street locations. The data gives CA and Howard County a better understanding of who travels in these key locations, the impact of past improvements and identifies future investments to improve user comfort.

Read the full report of each year’s count and a program summary report below: