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Need help?

Below you will find a tutorial for creating your online credentials and register for CA programs.

How to Create an Account:

  1. Visit columbiaassociation.org/login
  2. Click on “Don’t have a login” link (see screenshot below).

member login on website

  1. Enter your CA membership number.
  2. Enter your date of birth on the following format: mm/dd/yyyy or select it from the calendar icon.
  3. Enter your home address ZIP CODE only.
  4. Click the continue button.

click continue button 6

  1. Enter a username you will later remember.
  2. Choose a password between 6-12 characters. It must contain at least one number, one special character and at least one letter.
  3. Enter THE SAME password selected on #8
  4. Enter your email address and confirm it in the field below.
  5. Click the continue button

dont have a login 8-11

  1. Click the home button to start using your membership account.

tutorial screenshot instruction 12

Retrieve Username / Password


  1. Click on “Forgot your username/password? link (see screenshot below).

login form

  1. Enter the email address you provided when you created your membership account
  2. Click the submit button

forgot your password

  1. Check your email account. You should receive an email with the subject: Your Online Account Information. Open it and use the username/password information provided.
  2. Click to login
  3. Where it asks you for Old Password please use the password sent to you via email.
  4. For New Password please use one with at least 6 characters. It must contain at least 1 number, 1 letter and 1 special character. It cannot be the same as last 5 passwords.
  5. Click the Update button

change username password
9.Once your password is changed, click on the home button and use your membership account

password change successfully

Account Information

  1. When you click on the “Account Information” button a black screen appears with the following options:
    • Account Summary: to view current reservations and messages
    • Attendance Report: to view your attendance
    • Billing Information: to view/update your billing information
    • Buy Series Sales: to manage Guest Passes, Personal Training Appointments, etc. You must choose Site first, then Service Category and then Service
    • Change Password
    • Contact Information: to view/update your personal and contact information
    • Contracts: list of contracts that apply to your membership account
    • Make a payment: to view outstanding balances, make payments and/or update credit card information.
    • account information
  1. Click the “next “button for more options
    • Reservation Report: to view booked appointments
    • Series Sales: to view available guest passes and past usage of guest passes
    • Statements: to view, download and/or print past statements in .pdf format
    • Transaction Listing: to view your transaction history

acct info 3 and 4

  1. Click the “back” button to go to the previous screen
  2. Click the “X” button to go back to the home screen

Program Registration

When you click on the Program Registration you are presented with the following screen:

    1. Site: To select a Site, click on the “Change” link and select a facility from the drop down menu
    2. Session: From the “Sessions” drop down menu select the session you are interested in
    3. Category: Click on the “Category” drop down menu to select Program Category
    4. Course: Click on the “Course” drop down menu to select a specific course
    5. Instructor: Select from available instructors by code, name, keywords or gender
    6. Click the “Search” button

program registration

Once you search for a program, the system will bring up the classes matching your search criteria.
You can click on the “View Detail” button to get further information
The “Tell a Friend” button allows you to share program information with someone else via email
The “Add to Cart” button adds the program to your cart. Choose the participant to enroll. You can “Continue Shopping” or “Continue to Cart” where you can enter payment information and submit payment.

Change User Name and/or Password

  1. From the Home Screen click on Account Information
    lady sitting in a chair
  2. Select Change Password
    account info icons
  3. Enter the new User name and/or Password and click Update
    account info dropdown

How to Create a Guest Account

Viewing Your Online Registration(s)

  1. From the Home Screen click on Account Information
  2. Click on the arrow to go to the next page.
  3. Click on Reservation Report
  4. Click Show Report to show all reservations, or drop down menus to filter
  5. Modules:
    1. Program Registration: Session Classes, Dog Park Registration, Preferred Placement Classes.
    2. Scheduler: Personal Training, Private and Small Group instruction, Court Reservations, Private Swim Lessons.
    3. Group X/Activities: Group Fitness Classes, School Age Service’s School’s Closed Program, KidSpace Adventure Days, Art Center Artsy Fun Days, Ice Rink Freestyle Schedule, Pick Up Hockey, Stick & Puck
    4. Camp Management: Summer Camp registrations (be sure to click “yes” for include sub member.)
    5. Child Care: KidSpace reservations.