The Legislation of Interest page indicates Columbia Association’s (CA’s) stance on current Howard County Council and Maryland General Assembly bills that may affect CA.

Maryland General Assembly

Bill: SB168

CA’s Position: Support

Support with Amendment –

This bill prohibits any unreasonable restriction on the installation or use of electric vehicle recharging equipment in a lot owner’s deeded parking space. A “reasonable restriction” is one that does not significantly increase the cost or decrease the efficiency of the equipment. An application for approval of the equipment is to be processed and reviewed in the same manner as an application for approval of an architectural modification of the dwelling. This bill would also require a homeowners association to approve the installation of electric vehicle recharging equipment in a common area as long as the lot owner agrees to comply with the HOA’s architectural standards, have the equipment installed by a licensed contractor, and pay for the electricity usage associated with the equipment. CA plans to support this bill with an amendment clarifying its impact on CA.

Bill: SB18

CA’s Position:Support

This bill would eliminate sales and use taxes on sales of electricity and gas to homeowners associations for use on property owned by the homeowners associations. CA plans to support the bill.